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I also started working on my beadlock rims a couple days ago. these consist of two 1/4" rings, one welded to my old rim and the other bolted on the outside of the tire. These are supposed to be welded straight onto the outer lip of the rim but I decided to trim that lip down so I could lay a second weld on the inside of the ring for added strength and to keep debris out of the crack. After I cut off the lip, I set the rim on a hub/spindle so I could smoothly rotate it, and using a run out dial I ground down any excessivly high spots to give me a pretty flat surface to work with. I also had to relocated the valve stem since the inner bead lock ring would be blocking the valve stem in it's factory location. I've got three done that are just waiting for a second coat of paint and the 4th is waiting for my motivation to kick back in.
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