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Old 05-03-2006
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Default 3rd Gen: RokkTech Adjustable Timing Sensor Install

Thanks to Millco (Member 6092) for this writeup!

A note from Millco:

ROKK Technologies is a Washington State company that will modify your 3rd Gen Dodge Cummins factory crankshaft position sensor so that you will be able to advance the fuel timing by about 2 degrees. You can either send them your sensor or purchase one already modified directly from them.

I found that the sensor gave a noticable increase in low end torque and should provide most users with about a 1 MPG increase. Personally, I like mine and would recommend this as an excellent mod with a high bang for the buck ratio!

If you have any other questions or run into any trouble, just give a hollar for help!



Rokk Tech Adjustable Timing Sensor Install Help

This first photo shows what you will see when you first crawl under your truck to begin (Or what you will see when you are done!). I unplugged the fan harness wiring and moved them out of the way for this photo. This plug and the one to the crank sensor are wired pretty closely together. The red arrow points to the Allen bolt of the crank sensor. Note that the red locking tab on the wiring plug is in the locked position (Towards the rear). In this mounted position, you slide this locking tab just about straight forward to unlock it. Most of them move easily back and forth with just thumb pressure; but, if needed you can use the flat part of a flat blade screwdriver with sideways pressure. It only moves about 1/8th of an inch. Remember to not use Ďtwo handsí at full strength as it should be possible to do it with just one thumb. It wonít break real easily; but, it can be broken. I slid it forward with my thumb before I unbolted the sensor from the engine. Just seemed easier since that way I only needed one thumb and didnít have to hold the sensor or wiring harness. If you can get to it; release the second tab by pressing on it, holding it, and pulling the wiring connector off of the sensor (refer to the last photo for an arrow pointing out this second tab). If you canít get to it now; itís ok: I can always cut the wires for you later! (Iím just kidding! DO NOT cut the wires unless your working on an enemies truck). Later on, after unbolting the sensor; it may be easier to release this second tab and get the wiring off of the sensor.

This next picture shows the original sensor on the left and the Rokk Tech modified one on the right. Notice the red arrows pointing out the area machined away by Rokk Tech and the locking tabs on top that you will have to clear when you depress the second release on the trucks wiring harness.

The only tools I used were a Gerber pliers, a short 5mm Allen wrench, and a long 5mm Allen wrench to install the Rokk Tech modified crankshaft sensor. The one side of the sensor that has been machined away will allow it to move sideways in its mount. This allows up to about 2 degrees advance in engine fuel timing.

Next, I removed the sensorís Allen bolt from the engine block (Lower, left, front corner of the engine. Just above the oil pan). It is lock-tighted in so it requires a little force. I used the short Allen. Lay itís body against the side of the block / oil pan. The purple Allen Wrench outline is approximately where you will be able to place your Allen Wrench. The green arrow points out the sensorís mounting hole and the red one points to the Allen Bolts threaded hole. In this photo, note the fan wiring connector that will be in your way (I didnít have it unplugged or out of the way in this photo). An alternate method is to put the long end of the longer Allen wrench into the bolt and then turn the short end with the pliers. You may have to do this if the bolt is not lined up so as to be able to get the short end of the wrench into it.

Just be sure your wrench is inserted straight on and you turn counter-clockwise (Lefty Ė Loosen)! The original sensor has an o-ring on it so it may resist slightly being removed from its mount. The wires are short; but, it may be a little easier to find and release the wiring connector from the sensor. It has a regular release that now has to be depressed (I always hate getting depressed; but, that is another topic for a separate white paperÖ..) Note red arrow pointing to this SECOND release. I was able to squeeze this with the thumb of one hand and then pull the sensor out of the connector with the other hand. Remember these are small gauge wires so handle gently. If nothing else; get some help from a small member of the family or neighborhood! My boy is fast growing out of being help in these areas. At only thirteen heís already looking me in the eyes! Note: In this picture, the safety tab is red and is shown in the RELEASED position.

Thatís about it. You have the old one out and can now reverse the above to install your new Rokk Tech sensor.




Link to Dieselram thread on the Rokk Tech sensor


Info from Rokk Tech: http://www.rokktech.com/_mgxroot/page_10437.html
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