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NEW! How To and Product Review Info: New! A collection of user generated articles and "how to" information pertaining to the Dodge CTD! A great resource, and one that is unique to dieselram!
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Old 06-17-2008
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Default Installation of Lukes Links

First Off:

I'll get some pictures but for now the write up. I finally got around to removing and installing the LL on the OEM track bar of my 2002 Dodge CTD 4x4. Well, I'll be the first to admit that his direction and instructions are very vague and somewhat lack luster but they do work.

You will need,
* a Torque Wrench for 130 foot pounds
* a good set of sockets and extensions with a snipe bar
* a stud remover (joint puller) - Performance Tool, KD Tools, Snap On etc.
* a M14x1.5 tap and die if you damage threads like I did.
* chasis lube
* Bench Grinder (variable speed is not required)
* Bench Vise
* Thread File
* WD40 or equal for thread repairs
* Liquid Wrench

The process of removal:
1. Remove the bolt and flag nut from the connection at the left hand side of the track bar. You will need liquid wrench here!
2. Remove the pin from the top of the nut on the drivers side of the track bar.
3. Remove the Zerk Fitting from the underside of the track bar.
4. Install puller over this joint and slowly crank it down. Make sure it is in line. This will take a few tries to line up and get correct but you must be careful or you will damamge threads.
5. Once it comes out (it will with a loud pop) remove track bar from frame area and take into shop.

Stud Removal:
1. Clean up.
2. Fire up the grinder (use correct safety gear) and grind down the back side of the track bar as indicated on the instructions by Lukes Links.
3. Remove the full ball stud with a hammer or a press. Again, as indicated by Lukes Links.
4. Continue to grind until the cup from LL slides onto the track bar easily - do not force or cup will break.
5. Install parts as indicated by LL.
6. Clean up.

1. Reinstall TB by hanging the stud in the frame at the drivers side. Make sure this is loose but not so that it will fall apart.
2. With a drift pin or equal pull the frame and track bar in unison to align the hole for the bolt and flag nut.
3. Torque all parts as indicated by Dodge - the left side bolt and flag nut shall be 130 foot pounds and the drivers side shall be 70 foot pounds. Be gentle but forceful with this operation.
4. Install CP in nut on drivers side and clean up.

Test Drive:
1. Slowly make sure everything is up to snuff and this can be done by finding a large enough area to run full circles with the truck. Listen for pops, grinds and or other funny feelings.
2. Drive is as per normal if everything checks out and recheck the 130 and 70 the next day.

Wyatt Earp
2012 3500 Laramie, LWB, Crew Cab, SRW, 4x4, 6.7L Oil Burner, 3:73 gears, Auto, S&B Air Intake, 35" Goodyear All Weather Tread, 2" Carrier Spring lvl kit with FOX Shocks, BD Adjustable Track Bar, DSS Stabilizer, Serviceable ball joints and tie rod ends, FLOPRO Exhaust, RACEME, Bright Source HID, Colour Match Canopy, VHF Radio and Cell Booster Cradle, AMP Bumper Step.
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