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Technical Info: 3rd Generation: NON-DRIVETRAIN Technical discussion of third generation (2003 - 2007) non drivetrain questions, solutions and upgrades. Please -- DO NOT post drivetrain discussions in this forum!
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Old 05-26-2017
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Default Electrical Demons

Here is what is going on with my truck: This last winter while I was out snow plowing I lost the low beam on the drivers side. I dealt with it through the winter and decided I would try replacing the bulb a couple weeks ago. I put in the new bulb, no change, low beam still out. I jumped on the internet and did a bunch of research and found multiple people that had experienced the same headlight problem had replaced the FRONT CONTROL MODULE and some had replaced the INTEGRATED POWER MODULE, or both. I picked up a new FRONT CONTROL MODULE from the dealer and installed it. The headlight came back on and worked for a couple days, then went out again. The lamp out dash light and chime had been randomly coming on and off for some time before the headlight issue first started. I picked up a new INTEGRATED POWER MODULE from the dealer and installed it. The headlight worked, no other issues for a few days. Then, the horn started honking randomly while driving, the headlights flashing randomly. I did more research and found some people had broken wires in the door harness drivers side. I checked and sure enough there were several damaged and broken wires. I ordered the new door harness and installed. I also checked the trailer plugs, and found the 4 way had corrosion. I cut off the plug and capped the 4 wire with water proof wire nuts. The 7 way trailer plug was clean and had no corrosion. Drove the truck for the next 10 days without any problems, towed trailers, I was hopeful that it was fixed. Well not so fast, Monday I got in the truck and as soon as I started it the headlights started flashing, the horn honking as if I had hit the panic button on the key fob. I turned the truck off, turned the key to on and it stopped. As soon as I started the truck up the lights and horn started again. It will only do it if the truck is started, and when you apply the brake pedal it will stop. I took it to my mechanic, he checked all the ground points, cleaned battery terminals, cut back wires and reconnected to the batteries. He pulled out the FRONT CONTROL MODULE, the INTEGRATED POWER MODULE and checked the connections for corrosion, etc. This did not fix the problem in any way. I am at a loss. Any help would be very appreciated.
2004 Ram 2500 short bed, 4 door. Auto trans, shift kit, 18 in. AMP wheels, 275/75/18 Toyo M/T Bully Dog G/T Trans Temp Gauge double pillar.
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