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On The Side The name says it all. Are you bored? Have a rough day? Cat cough up a hairball? Well come on in and tell us about it! Here you will find discussions on almost everything under the sun. No Religion Or Politics are to be discussed here. PERIOD!
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Old 03-31-2018
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12 this AM, I was hoping the cold would be behind us. Beautiful sunny day yesterday, supposed to be again today. Was thinking of pulling the winter tires off, but with the threat of freezing rain by next weekend I guess I should leave them on a while longer.
Wasted yesterday trying to catch up on the finances. glad my tax refund showed up. Also got a big raise from the company. I guess they really do want me to hang around.
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01 2500 Q cab 4X4, stage II auto, fresh VP-44, HX35, B T E and F gauges, FASS 95 adjustable.
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Old 03-31-2018
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Sunny, bumped 70F today.
My old HP laptop has slowed down to the point that I think the tubes need replacing. To speed it up, I did some googling and found the thing has a mod called Ready Boost. Seems all I had to do was put a 4GB+ thumb drive in one of the usb ports (the most it uses is 4GB so that's as big as you need) and when the window opened up, just select ready boost and that booger took off & sped the old thing up on opening stuff like the service manual, which is an Adobe PDF. It used to be slow opening but after opening it a coupla times, the Ready Boost opens it right up. Something about boosting the cash(???).
Anyway, if yer old computer is slowed way down, you might try checking to see if Ready Boost is installed on it then get a 4GB or bigger thumb drive to speed it up.

Congrats on yer raise Coug, It's time they realize you're worth a lot to the company....we knew it all along, they must have some slow people heading up that show.
01.5,Red QC Sport SWB,HO,6spd,4x4,cowl hood, Drag Comp,4"ex., fuel press. gauge, boost&pyro gauges, bhaf, single Holley lift pump next to the fuel tank/13psi WOT, Vulcan Big Line, cheapo fuel cooler, Amsoil in the trans. & Valvoline in the pan, 62-65-.70A/R, ARP studs, kevlar/ceramic SD clutch, jammer 100's

Time to turn so's you don't burn.

Originally Posted by bigreddog View Post
if I get new gutters every year I never need to clean them
True love is when she gives you the ham from her egg mcmuffin

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