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Technical Info: 2nd Gen 24 VALVE DRIVETRAIN Technical discussion of second generation (1998 - 2002) 24-valve engine and drivetrain questions, solutions and upgrades.
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Old 12-30-2004
jeffb71 jeffb71 is offline
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Location: Naches, WA
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Default V10 to 24V diesel conversion

Has anyone out there switched out a V10 to a diesel? Or does anyone know how hard it would be to install a 1999 24 valve Cummins in the place of a V10 in a 1996 Ram 3500 with an automatic transmission? Are the transmissions/bellhousings the same? How hard would the wiring harness be to hook up? What exhaust changes would need to be made? Would I need a fuel pump upgrade? Does the frame already have the holes for the motor mounts? Any information will be very helpful and greatly appreciated. Thanks for looking.
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Old 12-30-2004
Wyatt Earp's Avatar
Wyatt Earp Wyatt Earp is offline
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Default Re: V10 to 24V diesel conversion

I don't rightly know. I would be hesitant in so far as a straight swap just because the Cummins isn't exactly the lightest motor around and the front end would probably need suspension help etc.

The trannies are probably sim. BUT Tim Holt would know for sure what can and can not be done.

Wyatt Earp
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Old 12-30-2004
Oregonpharmer Oregonpharmer is offline
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Location: Chile, SA
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Default Re: V10 to 24V diesel conversion

If you do the swap, go with the 12 valve engine and get the automatic built for the diesel. Your truck will accept the electronics and wiring harnesses from the 96-98 years with no problem. The 98.5 and newer 24 valve electronics will present you with a huge problem in your dash, brakes, and electrical system of the cab.

Your frame is identical, the springs are adequate, and you will have to either build a pressure regulator for the in-tank fuel pump of the V-10, or remove it and use the pickup system for a diesel. You can use the in-tank pump, but add a bunch of filtration between it and the diesel' lift pump.

Do not try to reuse the gas automatic, as you will have a number of valve body changes and friction swaps to do, along with the torque converter. The ECM on a 96 diesel will not interface with the gas automatic without a logic change, and the PCM will have to be swapped for a diesel version anyway.

It will be much more cost effective to just get the diesel transmission ready to roll, and already bolted to the engine.

You will need the diesel motor mounts.
Any comments, suggestions, or instructions offered by me only apply to off-road and non-emission regulated use. Anytime I ever used or may use reference to highway performance, it is purely as an academic reference only.
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Old 12-30-2004
TimHolt's Avatar
TimHolt TimHolt is offline
DieselRam's Tranny Guru
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Default Re: V10 to 24V diesel conversion

Yep, what he said!
The mods I talk about here is for information purposes only. I experiment on my own vehicles but do not endorse the modifications that I make to my vehicles to be used on others. If you use this info that I talk about, you use it at your own risk and responsibility.

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Old 12-30-2004
behrend2000 behrend2000 is offline
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Default Re: V10 to 24V diesel conversion

Anyone have any idea if the front springs are the same as a gasser with the HD snow plow prep package?
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